Our Clientele

"What you focus on grows." 

The law of attraction
  • Our clients are fun loving, financially savvy individuals who have a passion for pursuing Ideal Outcomes and enjoying their life.
  • They are open-minded to ideas about planning for the future.
  • They tend to be delegators - people who have so many really great things going on in their lives that they want someone who they can trust, like us, to do their financial research and take care of their investments, so they can just live their lives.  They prefer to focus their time and energy on more important things like their career, family, health, friendships, personal development, serving others, spirituality, etc.
  • Our clients value a friendly, confidential professional they can trust to know the details of their financial situation and help make prudent choices relative to their life plan. 
  • They value personal support and encouragement to advance confidently in the direction of their dreams and live the life they have imagined.
  • They have more than $250,000 of investable assets.