Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Values-Based Financial Planning™?
A: It's a multi-step interview process designed by a team of psychologists and financial planners to help people access all parts of their mind and experiences in developing an inspiring vision for their future.

Q: What is a Personal Financial Road Map®?
A: It's a document we use to record a person's responses during the Values-Based Financial Planning interview. This document effectively becomes that person's or couple's personal mission statement. It includes their vision for an ideal future, personal values, strengths, ideal outcomes for life, and current financial position. This is a living document that changes as its owner grows and changes. Whether completely fulfilled or not, it still does its most important job of providing clear direction for our choices and in accessing our greatest potential as human beings.

Q: What kind of relationship do you look for?
A: We look for long-term relationships with people who are similar to our existing clientele.

Q: What kind of services do you offer?
A: While the scope of work we do for our clients varies, we offer a holistic type of personal financial advising service that seeks to optimize most aspects of our client's financial picture based on their current situation, strengths, values, passion, and vision for an ideal future.  See the “Our Approach” page for greater detail.

Q: What designations and licenses does Robert Wiley have?
A: I am licensed as a CFP® (Certified Financial Planner Practitioner™, and CPA (Certified Public Accountant).
I am licensed to sell life and health insurance. I am licensed as an investment advisory representative.

Q: Do you represent a certain investment company?
A: I offer investment advisory services as a representative of LexAurum Advisors, LLC, an independent investment advisory firm from Overland Park, Kansas. TD Ameritrade Institutional custodies client assets and clears our trades. See the disclosure at the bottom of this page. We quote many insurance companies to ensure competitive insurance prices. Through these relationships, we provide an array of innovative products and services designed for personalized investment and insurance programs and long-term relationships.

Q: How do your clients pay you?
A: Our clients pay us a flat fee for their first financial plan. For implementing their financial strategy and maintaining their Game Plan over the long-term, our clients pay us a quarterly advisory fee based on a certain percentage of assets under management. The quarterly fee rates are on a sliding scale so that a client's fee rate lowers as the amount of assets they have hired us to manage grows. Through this arrangement, we feel our financial interests are aligned with our clients.

Q: Do you have a minimum investment amount for future clients?
A: Yes, we do. Our services and solutions are most appropriate for people with more than $250,000 to invest.

Q: Do you have a process for us to get to know each other before we consider doing business together?
A: Yes, we do. The process involves at least two meetings where we help prospective clients like you complete your Financial Road Map® for the life of your dreams.  We also have a pressure-free discussion as to what we would expect from each other if we were to work together on realizing the Ideal Outcomes you envisioned in completing your Personal Financial Road Map®.  If our expectations and personalities line-up, we’ll move forward, and you’ll hire us to develop your Game Plan for Living Life on Purpose.

After discussing your completed Game Plan, you’ll have another opportunity to hire us to help you implement its strategies, then monitor and help celebrate your progress toward funding your Ideal Outcomes that will enable you to fully express and fulfill your Strengths, Values and Passions.  (See the “Our Approach” page)

Q: Why hire a financial advisor?
A: A synergistic relationship with an independent, Certified Financial Planner Practitioner™ can be beneficial to many aspects of your life. Gaining valuable assistance with your finances frees up your time and attention to be more effective with your career, family, health, friends, personal development, spirituality, and everything else that's important to you.

Most people value at least one friendly, confidential professional they can trust to know the details of their financial situation and help make prudent choices relative to their life plan.  Most people value personal support and encouragement to “advance confidently in the direction of their dreams and live the life they have imagined, most likely meeting a success unexpected in common hours” (borrowing part of Henry David Thoreau’s quote).

Q: How do I know if I can afford a financial advisor?
A: The answer depends on the quality of the advisor and your ability to make the most of a client-advisor relationship. For you, this includes helping the advisor help you by clearly describing your vision for an ideal future, effectively delegating to the advisor, and accepting his personal support and encouragement to live the life you envisioned.

Q: How do I know which advisor is right for me?
A: Naturally, a good match in personality plays a role. You should also ask yourself, "Is the advisor competent, and can I see myself developing a synergistic, win-win relationship with him or her?" Quality advisors will have a multi-meeting introduction process that reliably helps both sides understand each other and whether there's a good client-advisor fit.